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We believe in our universe’s magic. We believe the natural healing remedies our earth continues to provide us with. We understand the effects and capabilities of powerful crystals and precious stones. But even more than that, we believe that each and every person radiates their own brilliant light.

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Whispers of Love

There has been an amazing connection with Be The Light Malas' creator and her beautiful work! As an artist myself, I fully appreciate her skillful craftsmanship and can truly connect spiritually. I also love how I can rock them with all different kinds of outfits. I feel amazing with them and glow with beauty and inner peace.

Maria J.R.

My beautiful Be The Light Mala chose me! These powerful crystals help me to bring awareness into my body, soul, and spirit. These high quality stones hold pure vibrations from Mother Earth. I am very thankful and happy to keep adding more to my collection. Gracias, hermana de Luz!

Vidi R.

Be The light Malas are made with such love. I have purchased a few of these magical malas, and every time I wear them (which is almost daily) I feel warmth, love, and comfort encompassing my soul. Dina exudes love and light. Her smile can light up a room, and she truly loves what she does. Her energy is pure, and she pours that into her work. You will not be disappointed when you purchase one of her amazing malas.

Krista S.

I love my Be the Light mala! I've incorporated it into my daily meditation practice for a deeper connection with myself and the Universe. Dina's love and passion for what she does is evident in every beautiful mala and bracelet she creates.


Be The Light Malas are wonderful living expressions of spiritual art. I stumbled upon them on IG and purchased my first one literally the next day at a boutique in Ft Lauderdale and have collected a few since. Each one serves me in its own way. Every day, I select a mala to wear, and often times during the day, I touch it and reflect with it in my hand, especially during stressful moments. I smile each time I see sneak peaks of her new creations and can't wait to see the collections released. I look forward to her trunk shows to drop by, see my friend, and bring my new mala home.

Priscilla B.

I keep my mala on display in my bedroom where I can easily reach for it during times of anxiety or before a meditation. All of Dina's positive energy seems to be absorbed into each crystal, making my mala even more powerful. I absolutely love it!



Be The Light Malas is more than just jewelry. My mission is to provide wellness and positivity through the power of authentic semi-precious gemstones & crystal jewelry.

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