I’m so grateful that you’re here. My name is Dina Gosselin, founder and creator of Be The Light Malas.

Meet The Essence

Thank you for taking an interest in knowing a little bit about me. I know that we all have a story, so I will briefly give you a glimpse of mine. My name is Dina and my greatest creations by far are my two beautiful daughters. I have survived a civil war, a divorce at a very young age, and many moves in search of a true home. I found refuge in my husband and settled in the sunniest, brightest, most beautiful state of Florida. After many years of soul searching, I found solace in my hot yoga practice which led me to meditation. I had the "monkey mind" syndrome, being my mind couldn't sit still. A mala was the answer. I looked for a mala that matched my modern spirituality and style and could help me recite a mantra or prayer to calm my mind. After shopping around unsuccessfully, I decided to make my own. The touch and feel of real gemstones is utterly magical. While my fingers knot each stone to create your malas, it's our journeys symbolically weaving us together, that I see as a privilege of a lifetime. I hope that by owning one of my malas, you delve deeper into your own life to discover ways to live up to your highest potential. If a mala catches your eye, take note. It may be your higher self calling out to you to investigate the properties of those stones further.


Be The Light Malas is more than just jewelry. Our mission is to encourage you to unlock personal abundance and an ultimate state of wellness through the power of authentic semi-precious gemstones & crystal jewelry. Hand-knotting each and every one of my creations to share with you brings me so much joy, purpose, and gratification. I hope to encourage mindfulness in your daily lives by wearing a healing mala so you can continue to shine YOUR light.


We believe in our universe's magic. We believe in the natural healing remedies our earth continues to provide us with. We understand the effects and capabilities of powerful crystals and precious stones. But even more than that, we believe that each and every person radiates their own brilliant light. The energy a person beams on this planet will be exactly the energy that will be returned back to them. Be The Light.


We make custom malas, made specifically for you and your unique energy. We work with you to create a special mala based on your goals and intentions.

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