Can You Sleep With Your Necklace?

Sleeping with your mala necklace is personal, so there is no definite answer. However, removing any jewelry you wear for easy comfort and avoiding damage while sleeping is always good.

Aside from that, sleeping with your mala or any other jewelry poses a great safety risk, as it can wrap around your neck and tangle while you are asleep.

We advise you to remove your mala and put it in its bag before going to bed. 

Key Takeaways from this Article

Deciding whether to wear your mala to bed is personal and subjective.

However, here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Sleeping with your mala helps you maintain your spiritual connection.
  • Putting your mala in a pouch before bedtime is a good way to avoid discomfort.
  • Choose gemstones that have a calming effect to aid your night's rest.
  • Always care for your mala necklace to retain its beauty, longevity, and energy.

Inconvenients of Sleeping with your Mala

Discomfort: Wearing a mala to sleep can make you uncomfortable and pose a safety hazard if it wraps around your neck and tangles while sleeping.

Disturbed Sleep: Imagine that every time you toss on your bed, you feel the weight of a necklace on your neck. How would you sleep with that?

It's good to take off your necklace before you sleep to enjoy a peaceful night's rest.

Damaged Mala: You will likely toss and turn while sleeping. This can break the strings of your mala necklace, thereby damaging it.

Regular Maintenance: The more you wear your necklace to sleep, the more likely you will need to maintain it regularly.

The necklaces absorb moisture from your skin, such as sweat, and the strings lag more often than not.

Potential Benefits of Sleeping with Your Mala

Sleeping with your mala is entirely personal and optional. We advise against wearing it while you sleep, but here are some of the benefits of wearing your mala during sleeping:

Maintain Spiritual Connection: Sleeping with a mala can help you maintain your connection with your spiritual practice even while unconscious. But you don't have to wear them; you can put them beside your bed.

This way, your mind and soul align with your mala necklace's intention.

Grounding and Protection: Gemstones are known for their unique energetic properties. 

Having gemstones that align with your intentions around you while you sleep is a great way to balance your energy. 

Facilitating Restful Sleep: Most gemstones have a soothing effect. 

Wearing these gemstones to sleep helps you have a peaceful night's rest.

Intention Connection: Your mala carries your intention. Keeping it close while you sleep helps you align your subconscious mind with the purpose you want to manifest.

Best Ways to Preserve Your Mala While You Sleep

Wear your Mala necklace as a bracelet: To be safe and avoid all the risks of wearing it around your neck while sleeping, it's best to wear them around your wrist.

This way, you will be more comfortable while sleeping.

Mala Box: If you must keep your mala close while sleeping, it's best to put it in a box first and keep the pouch next to you.

Put on a Bedside Table: Placing your mala on a bedside table is an excellent way to sleep with your mala necklace.

Place under a Pillow: It's safe to put your mala under your pillow while you sleep, but ensure the material is strong enough to withstand too much pressure.

Gemstones that Promote Sleep

Several factors, from spiritual practice to personal intentions, could influence your decision to wear your mala necklace to sleep.

Whatever the reason, certain gemstones can improve your sleep due to their energetic properties.

Here are some super-effective gemstones from our collection that can aid your sleep:

Amethyst: it is a very powerful stone for insomnia. The calm effect helps improve sleep.

Moonstone: This stone balances emotions, soothes the mind, and enhances sleep.

Blue Lace Agate: The energy of this stone soothes the mind and aids in relaxation.

Sodalite: This gem balances your emotions and reduces stress and anxiety.

Rose Quartz: It helps to calm the mind and heart and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Labradorite: This protective stone helps ward off negative energies that might disturb your sleep.

Smoky Quartz: It keeps you grounded, releases negative energies, and fosters a peaceful and relaxed sleep.

Aquamarine: Blue aquamarine has a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and evoke a peaceful state of mind.

Amazonite: It helps calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote better sleep.

Kunzite: This stone is great for soothing the mind and heart. It helps reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Prehnite: Wearing a prehnite to sleep helps you reduce worry and boost a peaceful night's rest

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Caring for Your Mala

Here are some simple care and maintenance tips that can help you retain the beauty while preserving the energy of your mala:

Clean Regularly: Polish your gemstones with a clean, soft cloth regularly.

Smudge: As you sleep with your gemstones, they might absorb specific negative energies. 

Burn a sage and allow the smoke to envelop the necklace to re-energize it.

Handle Gently: Handling your necklace carefully is a great way to prolong its longevity.


Wearing your mala necklace to sleep is an excellent way to have a visual reminder of your intentions and commitment to your spiritual practice every morning when you wake up.