Magical- Bracelet

Magical- Bracelet

Magical- Bracelet

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Your mantras:: I am fully engaged in the magic of life. I see the spark and the magic of possibilities to come.

Gemstone Magic & Lore

Black Tourmalinated Quartz~

Sometimes we feel tiredness that goes deeper than our bones: we feel uncharacteristically cloudy, hazy and lazy; but the tiredness is in our soul. Embracing Tourmalinated Quartz is much like taking a bath after a long day. Wear it to unwind and soak off the dirt, to purify yourself as water cleanses your skin. Gently clarifying layer by layer, Tourmalinated Quartz will turn the seemingly grey back into bright vivid color. Use it to keep yourself beaming from within. This gemstone combines the properties of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline. The meshing of these two minerals creates a powerful healing energy that works together to restore harmony and tranquility. Clear Quartz brings clarity into your life and Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal for protection and elimination of negative energy. Together it deflects negative energy while helping to unlock any energy blockages within the body. 

Lavender Amethyst~

Enhances mental power and resilience. Favored by monks in assisting them during meditation practice and rituals. It will stop a chain reaction of negativity by cutting off negative energy. When wearing this mala, close your eyes and take a deep breath, the vision and the answers of the future will emerge as the warmth will gradually build up in your body. 

Details:: This bracelet is crafted with 8mm Black Tourmalinated Quartz and Lavender Amethyst.