I Am Confident Mala

I Am Confident Mala

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Confidence is essential to a healthy self. Build the foundation of confidence that can weather the storms of life. You will learn to love your body, banish self-doubt, and connect with your inner strength. Through the work of healing the self and respecting your unique place in the Universe, you can improve your self-esteem and become truly empowered.

Gemstone Magic & Lore


Freshwater Pearls~

When a pearl is born, it is the manifestation of irritation to the soft body of a mollusk. The sea animal nourishes it with many layers of nacre until a beautiful pearl is born. They symbolize purity, innocence, and faith. Believed to be the tears of Gods and Goddesses in different ancient lore.

Rose Quartz~

A classic love stone, Rose Quartz is legendary for its ability to heal heartbreak, attract new love, and open hearts to new levels of forgiveness and compassion. It is one of the most nurturing stones in the crystal kingdom. All forms of love are strengthened by this stone. It is also the crystal of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. When feeling emotionally low, place this mala on your heart center and visualize a gentle pink light filling your heart space, lifting all heaviness away.

Abalone Shell~ 

A shield. Brings natural safety from harm and emotional balance. It can protect the heart in the physical and metaphysical aspects. Holds the energy of the ocean bringing strong healing and soothing energy. Carrying it with you allows you to remain connected to the ocean’s energy, even when you are on land.

Details:: This Mala is handcrafted with 8mm Freshwater Pearls and Rose Quartz. Accented with Swarovski Crystals, hand-wrapped Clear Quartz, and Abalone Shell pendant on silk thread.

**Be The Light Malas are unique and handcrafted, using AAA-grade gemstones and materials. Please note that stones or pendants may vary slightly.