How To Choose The Best Mala Necklace For You

Choosing a Mala necklace that aligns with the intentions you want to manifest is the first step to incorporating Mala into your meditation practice. Although there is no right or wrong choice, this can be an overwhelming task for a first-timer as there are many lovely, colorful designs and gemstones.

Also, being open-minded when selecting will help you find the exact Mala you need for your meditation practice.

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Key Takeaway From This Article

There are no right or wrong selection processes when it comes to Mala; however, here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Knowing the intentions you want to bring to life will help you choose a Mala.
  • Every Mala material, be it gemstone, wood, or seeds, has energetic properties that should be in tune with your intentions when making your choice.
  • Let your intuition guide you.

Spiritual Significance of 108 Mala Beads

The 108 beads on the Mala may be the same across various spiritual traditions but hold different spiritual significance.

In Hinduism, the 108 beads on the Mala are believed to have a cosmic significance. This significance is the basis of creation, representing the universe and the wholeness of existence. The ultimate consciousness is that we are all the same.

Buddhists believe the 108 beads on the Mala represent the number of human passions one must overcome to reach enlightenment.

Other spiritual traditions believe wearing a Mala necklace while reciting a mantra 108 times can help purify the mind and soul.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Malas

There are vital factors to consider before choosing the Mala necklace you need for your meditation practice.

Following these factors will guide you in making the right choice that suits your needs.

Below are some of the factors to consider:

Intention and Purpose

Intentions are short statements that affirm what you want to become. They give your life purpose, keep you connected to your chosen cause, and guide you through your everyday choices.

A clear and concise intention gives you a vision of your spiritual journey and makes the selection process for your Mala super easy.

When it comes to your intentions, it’s essential to take your time to think deeply about what you want to manifest because they are mighty when released into the universe.

Once you have a clearer picture of what you want to manifest, start expressing your intentions in words that are empowering, positive, and motivating.

Next, please write down your intentions in a journal. This will serve as a reminder to keep track of and reflect on your progress over time.

Here are some examples of an intention if you can't think of one right now.

"I intend to let go of anxiety and channel a feeling of calm and peace." 

"I intend to show more kindness to myself and others." 

"I intend to live with a mindset of Abundance, knowing that I already have all that I need."

After writing down your intentions, it’s time to set an intention with your Mala. Choose the Mala that’s connected to your particular purpose and begin your meditation practice in a quiet space.

Gemstones and Material Properties

Gemstones and crystals all have unique energy, designs, and colors. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose your Mala from the one that aligns with your intentions and raises your energy in the area of life you desire to work on.

It could be finding love, healing, peace, courage, success, etc. Whatever your desires are, please choose stones whose energetic properties match your intention.

Below is a list of gemstones and their specific energy properties.

Agate: These are grounding stones that aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy. They are used for emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. They come in many varieties and colors.

Amazonite:  This blue-green, opaque stone has a calming effect that promotes tolerance and patience.

Amethyst: This transparent purple high-vibration crystal enhances intuition and connects with your higher self.

Apatite: This aqua-blue hexagonal stone enhances motivation and creativity.

Aventurine: This opaque stone promotes compassion and enhances prosperity and positive energy. It mostly appears in blue, green, and orange.

Citrine: This yellow crystal helps to build your self-confidence.

Garnet: This dark red transparent stone promotes love and devotion.

Labradorite: This stone helps you balance your mind and raise your intuition.

Lapis Lazuli: This is a sacred stone that promotes compassion. It’s primarily opaque and blue with white or gold.

Moonstone: This translucent stone signifies "new beginnings" and helps to calm emotions. It comes in a variety of colors.

Black Onyx: This is an opaque black stone that symbolizes strength.

Clear Quartz: This stone aids in concentration and regulates your energy.

Rose Quartz: This pale pink crystal symbolizes love and peace.

Sunstone: This peach crystal promotes a positive attitude towards life and increases self-esteem and confidence.

Tiger’s Eye: This opaque stone is a protective talisman that increases courage. It’s mainly brown but comes in various colors.

Turquoise: This is a blue-green crystal that promotes prosperity and endurance.

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Size and Wrist Fit

Mala comes in various shapes, weights, and sizes. Some are long or short, feel heavy or less heavy, rough or smooth.

All of these are based on the texture of the material used.

So, it’s essential to choose the one you feel comfortable wearing and meditating on daily. This will help you get the most benefit from your Mala.

Personal Resonance

When shopping for your Malas, you will inevitably be drawn to a particular gemstone, design, or color.

In situations like this, let your intuition guide you. Please take a moment to center yourself and see why you are energetically connected with it.

You can check out its energetic properties and intention, and if it resonates with the desires or dreams you want to manifest, you can go ahead and choose that particular Mala.

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The process of choosing Mala should be deeply personal and reflective of your spiritual journey and intentions in meditation.

You must approach the selection process with an open mind, allowing the stones to reverberate with your current needs.