The Everything- Chain Drips

The Everything- Chain Drips

The Everything- Chain Drips

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This bracelet has a mix of many semi-precious gemstones and holds many beneficial  properties.  


Gemstone Magic & Lore




A youthful stone that brings joy and happiness. It's also associated with mermaids and protecting sailors on their voyages. Known to fill hearts with love and makes you send it out to everyone.The calming energies of Aquamarine reduces stress and quiets the mind.  Will counteract the forces of darkness and gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility, and encourages responsibility for oneself.


Clear Quartz~

One of the most iconic crystals. Revered as a powerful tool of transformative magic since time began. In reality Clear Quartz literally runs our modern world: clocks wouldn't work without the tiny pieces of Quartz that keep them precisely ticking. They are master healers, energy transmitters, and connectors to higher consciousness. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one crystal, Clear Quartz would be it. It is also easily programmable as a personal magic tool. For those whose spirit needs illumination, clear Quartz brings clarity to shadows within the mind. Its ability to be programmed for manifestation is unlike any other crystal.



Has an affinity with the moon and it's secrets. It will unveil the hidden truths, I call it the 'stone of seeing' as this is a stone for perceiving what is real and true in the present moment. It releases you from things that you are ready to move on from. BE HERE NOW. Intuition is a from of seeing, and labradorite is one of the best for enhancing your connection with intuition. It is also associated with the aura borealis, the Northern Lights, because of the electric flashes you see in it when you move it towards the light.


The word garnet comes from the Latin word granatum, meaning 'pomegranate', because of its likeliness to pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate is a symbol of abundance, fertility, rebirth and marriage in various traditions. Garnet represents empowerment, courage, sensuality and, most of all commitment. It will stabilize and enhance your energy without over-stimulating you. Wear this mala to attract someone who's the full package, lover and best friend, because you want someone who's both. 

Details:: This bracelet is crafted with 10mm Mix of semi-precious gemstones and chain drips.