Protection- Bracelet

Protection- Bracelet

Protection- Bracelet

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Ancient Greeks and Romans drank from Amethyst-studded goblets as a talisman against overindulgence and addiction. Today, Amethyst helps us unplug from unhealthy attachments, and powerfully cleanses the body, mind and aura from negative or addictive patterns. A stone of protection, creating an ultraviolet bubble of protective light. It will strengthen your connection to all things mystical and magical. It blesses everyone and everything within its wide energy field.

Lemon Quartz~

Blesses the wearer with qualities of optimism, well being and creativity. Encourages control over negative thoughts and aids in freeing the mind from anxieties by helping you to stay connected with the now. An all around stone for good luck! Encourages fortune to flow into your life. Helps us to maintained direction, overcome obstacles and make decisions with self assurance.


Details:: This bracelet is crafted with 8mm Faceted Amethyst and faceted lemon Quartz with 18kt gold accents