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Gemstone Magic & Lore


Gold Rutilated Quartz~

Encourages us to go deep within our own psyche to gain clarity on the duality of the universe. A stone that is graced by the golden locks of angels, an effective antidepressant because it heals emotional wounds clearing the way to a spiritual awakening. When looking closely you will notice tiny golden hairs that are spectacularly illuminated under the light, a dazzling  effect that puts this rock star of gems center stage alongside Diamonds and Selenites. 


Rose Quartz~

A classic love stone, Rose Quartz is legendary for its ability  to heal heartbreak,  attract new love, and open hearts to new levels of forgiveness and compassion. It is one of the most nurturing stones in the crystal kingdom. All forms of love are strengthened by this stone. It is also the crystal of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. When feeling emotionally low, place this mala on your heart center and visualize  a gentle pink light filling your heart space, lifting all heaviness away.  



Details:: This bracelet is crafted with 8mm Gold Rutilated Quartz, Rose Quartz and Jasper gemstones.