Ubuntu:: (N.) South African

Ubuntu:: (N.) South African

Ubuntu:: (N.) South African

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A quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

Gemstone Magic & Lore

Tiger's Eye~ (choker with brown stones and blue pendant)

The life coach of the crystal realm because it's a confidence-boosting stone that will support you in stepping out of your comfort zone and opening you up to life-changing experiences. It loves to help you focus on your goals and say no to things that drain your energy, which makes it an ideal stone for people-pleasers. It will give you strength if you're feeling victimized. 

Rhodonite~ (choker with pink stones with black pendant)

Given the name 'Eagle Stone' in the 1700s, as eagles used to carry small pieces of Rhodonite back to their nests. Eagles are animal totems of courage, wisdom and strength. A valuable stone to aid in transitions of all kinds, from relationships or career changes. Keep the Sati Mala close to your heart chakra, breathe deeply, and allow the cracks in your heart to be filled with a healing light.


Agate~ (choker with purple stones and purple pendant)

Legends have long foretold that Agate can grant powers of invisibility (in much more than only meets the eye) and courage. Keep it close whenever you feel vulnerable or in need of extra protection, both physically and emotionally. Although your journey through life will hold many moments for shining brightly in the spotlight, it will offer equally important opportunities for walking bravely through shadows, both internal and external. Agate will remind us that being a true magic-maker requires stepping bravely into both situations- the light and the dark.

Clear Quartz~ (choker with multi-colored brown stones and black pendant)

One of the most iconic crystals. Revered as a powerful tool of transformative magic since time began. In reality Clear Quartz literally runs our modern world: clocks wouldn't work without the tiny pieces of Quartz that keep them precisely ticking. They are master healers, energy transmitters, and connectors to higher consciousness. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one crystal, Clear Quartz would be it. It is also easily programmable as a personal magic tool. For those whose spirit needs illumination, clear Quartz brings clarity to shadows within the mind. Its ability to be programmed for manifestation is unlike any other crystal 

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Details:: These chokers are crafted with 8mm various stones. Hand knotted on silk thread.