Warrior- Mala

Warrior- Mala

Warrior- Mala

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We face a variety of difficult things that can stress us out and drain our energy. Things that can cause our chests to tighten and our hearts to beat fast. However, you’ve been doing very difficult things. Hard stuff happens every day, young just forget how tough you are when it comes to pushing through. So break through the resistance and connect to the fighter within. Look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a warrior. You got this.


Gemstone Magic & Lore


Tiger's Eye~

It's a confidence-boosting crystal that will support you in stepping out of your comfort zone and opening you up to life-changing experiences. As you feel more empowered, you will start being more decisive and learn to trust your judgment, discerning what's right for you. There's no room left for anxiety. It's time to take control of your life. Each time you say yes to what you want, you will strengthen your confidence muscle.



Has the power to harmonize yin and yang. The positive and the negative forces that hold the universe in place. A soothing and calming stone that works slowly but brings great strength. Builds self confidence as it creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving internal tension. Known to stabilize the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. Placed on the heart, it will heal the emotional dis-ease that prevents acceptance of love.


Details:: This Mala is handcrafted with 6mm Tiger’s Eye and Agate. Accented with hand wrapped Tiger’s Eye and Swarovski Crystals on silk thread.

* Be The Light Malas are unique and handcrafted, using AAA grade ethically sourced gemstones and materials.