Namaste:: (n.) Sanskrit:

Namaste:: (n.) Sanskrit:

Namaste:: (n.) Sanskrit:

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I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells; a greeting and sign of respect.




Gemstone Magic & Lore




Tiger's Eye~


The life coach of the crystal realm because it's a confidence-boosting stone that will support you in stepping out of your comfort zone and opening you up to life-changing experiences. It loves to help you focus on your goals and say no to things that drain your energy, which makes it an ideal stone for people-pleasers. It will give you strength if you're feeling victimized. Keep this Mala with you when you need to protest about something you believe in and speak up.


Clear Quartz~

One of the most iconic crystals. Revered as a powerful tool of transformative magic since time began. In reality Clear Quartz literally runs our modern world: clocks wouldn't work without the tiny pieces of Quartz that keep them precisely ticking. They are master healers, energy transmitters, and connectors to higher consciousness. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one crystal, Clear Quartz would be it. It is also easily programmable as a personal magic tool. For those whose spirit needs illumination, clear Quartz brings clarity to shadows within the mind. Its ability to be programmed for manifestation is unlike any other crystal.


Rose Quartz~

A classic love stone, Rose Quartz is legendary for its ability to heal heartbreak, attract new love, and open hearts to new levels of forgiveness and compassion. It is one of the most nurturing stones in the crystal kingdom. All forms of love are strengthened by this stone. It is also the crystal of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. When feeling emotionally low, place this choker  on your heart center and visualize a gentle pink light filling your heart space, lifting all heaviness away.






Details:: This choker is crafted with Clear Quartz center, 6mm Tiger's Eye and Rose Quartz rounds. Hand knotted on silk thread.