Nadi Mala

Nadi Mala

Nadi Mala

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Nadi means ‘flow’ in Sanskrit. When your heart is open everything flows in you like a river. It washes away worry and fear, and embraces love and friendship by supporting kindness, compassion, and grace. Yet, an open heart leaves us vulnerable and susceptible, needing us to keep it hidden and protected. What good is it if we keep our sacred self enclosed? Protection is nurtured by strength, not weakness. Weakness needs healing and openness.

Our Nadi mala protects your journey and your open heart from outside negativity by calming your mind, so it's less likely to entertain negativity. 

Gemstone Magic & Lore

Smoky Quartz~

One of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones. This stone is a superb antidote to stress. It absorbs negative energy and increases positive energy. It's the kind of friend who tells you exactly how it is. It will put you back into the driver's seat of your own life, so that you can feel you have a say in where you're heading. As a grounding stone, it will keep you centered on the challenge at hand, clearing away the negativity and unnecessary chatter of the mind.


Apatite calls you to be part of a community, to bring the planet into love and harmony, protecting everyone and everything. It will activate your intuition in order to allow the flow of goodness. It will make you aware of your repeated patterns and will help you break them. Don't give yourself a hard time for getting things wrong or misjudging people. You are here to evolve.


Associated with the moon and feminine energies. It will guide you to tune into your natural cycles and rhythms. These pearls of wisdom will help you manage life so that you can schedule according to your energy level. The milky radiance of this stone represents tenderness and is believed to bring lovers closer together. It will connect you to your divine feminine and inner goddess by creating space for yourself to press pause on life, therefore, opening yourself up to epiphanies and breakthroughs.

Details:: The Nadi Mala is crafted with 8mm faceted Smoky Quartz, Apatite, Moonstone, Swarovski Crystals. It's hand-knotted on brown silk thread. 

Accents .925 Sterling Silver, Mother of Pearl disc with Labradorite pendant. Hangs approx. 21"

*Be The Light Malas are unique and handcrafted, using AAA grade ethically sourced gemstones and materials.