My Happiness Resides Within Me- Mala

My Happiness Resides Within Me- Mala

My Happiness Resides Within Me- Mala

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Happiness isn't contingent upon external circumstances, but rather how you decide to see these circumstances. Each day is an opportunity to find your sunny disposition within. Our happiness or lack of depends on the state of mind, not on anything external. It's our own attitude, the way we look at things, our approach to life, that determines whether we're happy or not.


 Gemstone Magic & Lore


A stone to heal the healer. It seals the auric field in a protective shield of divine energy. With Prehnite's assistance, trust in the universe is restored and the soul once again believes in divine manifestation. It enhances prophecy and shows you the way forward for your spiritual growth. It is an excellent stone for placing in your home as it will transform it into a healing sanctuary for yourself. Great for “decluttering”, helping you to let go of possessions you no longer need, and to organize what you keep in an appropriate way. It aids those who hoard possessions, or love, because of an inner lack. This may well come from past life experiences of deprivation or lack of love. 


Smoky Quartz~

One of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones. This stone is a superb antidote to stress. It absorbs negative energy and increases positive energy. It's the kind of friend who tells you exactly how it is. It will put you back into the driver's seat of your own life, so that you can regain control of where you're heading. As a grounding stone, it will keep you centered on the challenge at hand, clearing away the negativity of the mind when it chatters to you.



Known as the money stone because it is believed to elevate optimism and energy, and therefore bring you to a place of opportunity, prosperity, and abundance. Citrine clears negative energy and makes room for happiness and light. This stone encourages you to take action for Team You: it's like a cheerleader of the crystal realm cheering you from the sideline. It can Hoover up negative energy, detoxifying your aura and physical body, and waking you up to fresh opportunities. 


Details:: My Happiness Resides Within Me Mala is crafted with 8mm faceted Prehnite, faceted Smoky Quartz, faceted Smoky Quartz rondelles, slate Buddha pendant. It's hand-knotted on taupe silk thread. Hangs approx. 22".

*Be The Light Malas are unique and handcrafted, using AAA grade ethically sourced gemstones and materials.