I Own My Power- Mala

I Own My Power- Mala

I Own My Power- Mala

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Allow yourself to be seen and heard. Stand up and be unapologetic about what you believe in because your voice counts. It's time to start asserting yourself as a leader in every aspect of your life. When you step into your power, you no longer need external validation and you will start living your true purpose.


Gemstone Magic & Lore




An empowering stone that will encourage you to be more confident. It will guide you to find the inner strength needed to put a stop to being victimized, manipulated or dictated to. Brings stability to marriage and relationships as it fosters loyalty and stability. Sardonyx will help us discern between truth and fiction. It helps us to see how the little things, our daily habits, add up to create our bigger reality. It encourages us to cultivate self-control, and, particularly during intense situations, to allow our logical minds a chance to think, before we get emotionally carried away.

Tiger's Eye~


The life coach of the crystal realm because it's a confidence-boosting stone that will support you in stepping out of your comfort zone and opening you up to life-changing experiences. It loves to help you focus on your goals and say no to things that drain your energy, which makes it an ideal stone for people-pleasers. It will give you strength if you're feeling victimized. Keep this Mala with you when you need to protest about something you believe in and speak up.


Associated with the moon and feminine energies. It will guide you to tune into your natural cycles and rhythms. These pearls of wisdom will help you manage life so that you can schedule according to your energy level. The milky radiance of this stone represents tenderness and is believed to bring lovers closer together. It will connect you to your divine feminine and inner goddess by creating space for yourself to press pause on life, therefore, opening yourself up to epiphanies and breakthroughs.



Details:: I Stand Strong In My Power Mala is crafted with 8mm Sardonyx, faceted Clear Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Moonstone, Swarovski Crystals and an Agate Druzy pendant. It's hand-knotted on orange silk thread. Hangs approx. 20".


*Be The Light Malas are unique and handcrafted, using AAA grade ethically sourced gemstones and materials.