I Am Healed- Mala

I Am Healed- Mala

I Am Healed- Mala

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To heal is to become whole again. A healer holds the vibration of wholeness and invites the other to see that too. To believe in that. To surrender to that. To choose that. You are able to see wholeness in the people you come in contact with. You can see the light in the darkness. Encourage the butterfly's wings to grow. To see the potential of what is possible. That is what makes a healer. See the wholeness of ourselves and all of life. Heal the world and Be.

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Howlite is the stone of awareness knowing when we adopt mindfulness into our lives, we become less reactive, more patient and resilient. A natural sponge for emotional turbulence, sweet Howlite will rock you calmly to sleep even during the wildest of days. Will set your mental frequency to peace, to the deep rest of a calm heart and tranquil thoughts. An ally for over-thinkers and those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It's the ideal companion if you work in a busy and demanding environment as it can help you feel centered, despite external distractions and pressures.


Works on protecting you in your daily activities. Will cancel and neutralize psychic attacks and help you see clearer going further in your path. Protection and patience are the virtues it will impart in you. It will help you see the best version of yourself. Accompanied by Larvikite, you will not frown as it will bring you joy and happiness.

Cherry Agate~

A stone to keep close whenever you feel vulnerable or in need of extra protection, both physically and emotionally. It will offer opportunities for walking bravely through shadows, both internally and externally. It will help support and protect you along the many turns in your journey.

Details::  I Am Healing Mala is crafted with 6mm faceted Larvikite, Howlite, Cherry Agate, Clear Quartz, Zodiac Wheel, Cherry Agate and Hamsa pendants. It's hand-knotted on grey silk thread. Hangs approx. 17".

*Be The Light Malas are unique and handcrafted, using AAA grade ethically sourced gemstones and materials