Dina Gosselin - Be the Light Malas


Welcome to Be The Light Malas! I’m so grateful that you’re here. My name is Dina Gosselin, founder and creator of Be The Light Malas. 
I’m first and foremost a wife to my wonderful husband and a mother to 2 beautiful daughters. We are all Fire Signs in the house, so it’s extremely fitting that we live in the Sunshine State. I’m very grateful to be able to call Florida my home.
I’ve always loved exercising my artistic side by painting on canvas with oil paint. I’m also an avid reader and yogi, so the development of Be The Light Malas came about very organically. Being a long-time lover of incredible jewelry designers, I was searching for a mala that matched my modern spirituality and style. After shopping around unsuccessfully, I decided to create my own!
Be The Light Malas is more than just jewelry. My mission is to provide wellness and positivity through the power of authentic semi-precious gemstone & crystal jewelry. Hand knotting each and every one of my creations to share with you brings me so much joy, purpose, and gratification. I hope to encourage mindfulness in your daily lives by wearing a healing mala.


It all started with a passion for yoga—hot yoga in particular. To many, the basis of yoga is “to yoke”, meaning the essence of union. The minute we fully engage in the present moment and become masters of our breath, we are practicing yoga. We are, once again, connecting.
We believe in our universe’s magic. We believe the natural healing remedies our earth continues to provide us with. We understand the effects and capabilities of powerful crystals and precious stones. But even more than that, we believe that each and every person radiates their own brilliant light.
The energy a person beams on this planet will be exactly the energy that will be returned back to them.
Choose to shine your light.
Be The Light.