Hamsa- Petite Choker

Hamsa- Petite Choker

Hamsa- Petite Choker

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The Hamsa Hand: A universal sign of protection. Believed in many cultures and throughout history to provide defense against the evil eye. The Hamsa also holds recognition as a bearer of good fortune.

Please Note: When ordering a Hamsa Hand Petite Choker from this collection you will be receiving A Hamsa Hand Pendant with gemstones that are intuitively chosen by me. Please specify otherwise.

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Given the name 'Eagle Stone' in the 1700s as eagles used to carry small pieces of Rhodonite back to their nests. Eagles are animal totems of courage, wisdom and strength. A valuable stone to aid in transitions of all kinds, from relationships or career changes. Keep Sati close to your heart chakra, breathe deeply, and allow the cracks in your heart to be filled with healing and light. 


Details:: Petite Hamsa Chokers come with an assortment of silver and gold plated charms. They are about 15 1/2” long and hang at or slightly below the collarbone. 


*Be The Light Malas are unique and handcrafted, using AAA grade ethically sourced gemstones and materials.